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Complete low-cost software package for all 
licensing industry professionals

All the features you need available in one place for a small upfront fee and a low monthly subscription charge.


Keep your licensing software and your accounts package in sync through our integration with Xero™.


Gain access to our worldwide network of retailers and wholesalers to help increase your royalty revenue.

Core Features

Whether you are a brand owner or a licensing agent, Licensing.Deals is an end to end solution that is available through a desktop application, online through a web browser, and also through an iPad application, allowing you to fully manage your licensing programme wherever you are.

Licensing.Deals is a complete package offering CRM functionality to help manage interactions with partners, contract management with brands and licensees, active management of your pipeline, in-life contract management with tracking of minimum guarantees and royalties, invoicing with integration to Xero, product approvals, reporting, and much more.

Brand Management

  • Full CRM functionality

  • Complete list of brands or sub-brands you are working with

  • Full contract management

  • Summary financials including YTD royalties, lifetime royalties and profit

  • Projections dashboard

  • Manage assets and properties

  • Define territories and categories

  • Quickly see the number of licensees working across a brand

  • Easily identify all your approved licensed products

  • Produce summary brand reports at the click of a button

Licensee Management

  • Complete list of contact details for licensees and potentials

  • Easily see what licensees have been taken

  • Summary financial information

  • List of licensed products the licensee has created

Pipeline Management

  • Actively manage all opportunities in your pipeline

  • Record key information such as territories, categories and minimum guarantees

  • Document portal for all supporting information

License Agreements

  • Actively manage all license agreements

  • Easily view a summary of each contract

  • View key financial data including YTD royalty payments and outstanding MGs

  • Manage future projections

  • View products that have been created specifically for this agreement

  • View royalty reports and quickly generate invoices

Product Approvals

  • Easily create a product approval for every single product created by a licensee

  • Track who has submitted this, what feedback has been given, and by whom through all the stages of the product approvals process

  • Store images of the products which have been approved

  • Record expected order volumes and unit price details

Invoicing & Reports

  • Generate and print invoices

  • Automatic calculations of outstanding minimum guarantees

  • Have invoices automatically sync with Xero™

  • Complete Reporting including:

    • Brands reports

    • Licensee reports

    • Product reports

    • Territory reports

    • Category reports


Our Solution.

For Brands.  For Agencies.

You don’t have to spend all your royalties on a licensing system

Licensing.Deals was created by a team that has worked in the licensing industry for many years.  Our goal is to offer a low cost, cloud based software package for the licensing industry as an alternative to the solutions out there today.


Whilst current licensing systems are good, they are extremely expensive.  Often the initial setup charges themselves will run into the tens of thousands, and if you have a large internal team and a large number of licensees to manage you could end up paying tens of thousands more each month in addition to extras for additional modules, support and data storage.


Our company views things very differently and we believe that it should be possible to have a complete software package that offers all functionality you need to fully manage a licensing programme for a small upfront payment and a low monthly subscription fee. 


Need something else?  No problem.

Innovate with software that is tailored

specifically to you.

We are no ordinary SaaS provider. The version of the software we set up for you is your own unique copy which can be enhanced with features specific to your business. Perhaps you have certain processes to automate, specific types of agreements that need to be modelled, bespoke reports to be run, complex commercials to capture, or you work with sub-agencies and partners all on different terms. Regardless of the situation, we can bespoke the system to your exact requirements with ease. So keep what is unique to you and maintain your competitive advantage with software that works for your business.



We’ve built a platform that offers all the functionality you would expect from a professional licensing system - but we've made it affordable for everyone.

Here's what you'll pay:

Monthly subscription

Simply pay a monthly subscription charge of £150 per user to gain access to all the features on our platform. 


This includes up to 6GB storage per user.  If you have a large asset library that needs to be included then this may cost a little extra, but we will work with you to do this at the lowest cost possible. 

Low cost software with no hidden extras

Our on-going monthly subscription charges are set at £150 per user and this covers all services outlined below.  

  • Use of the software and services

  • Access to all core features and modules

  • Maintenance and updates

  • Online Support

  • License and Hosting Costs

Each account requires a minimum of 3 internal users and you can add additional users as and when required.  

If you wish your licensees to be able to submit products for approvals online, an additional account must also be purchased for them at a cost of £150.  This will allow up to 5 licensees to login to the system at any one time, submit products for approvals, and to upload their royalty reports. 

If you have bespoke requirements, this will be charged as an additional fee and will depend on your requirements and the complexity involved in implementing these. Please discuss this with your account manager.


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